Calling All Mockups!

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We may be putting in some improvements to the front page over the next month or so. Among these, we may need dynamic content to help make the site actually functional!

If you are interested in contributing some code and are also named Xaser, please head on over to this imaginary thread! If you've been looking to do some web development, this is a great opportunity to get off your lazy arse and actually contribute something!

(Update: the first version is close to done. I'll probably solicit for another batch of feedback after the dynamic content is complete.)

ZDoom's Website is Dead. Long Live ZDoom's Website.

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I am hereby erecting this test database for further ZDoom Website development. There will probably be future updates. Consider QZDoom or GZDoom as things to mention in this test post as well.

As for the site, Xaser is monkeying about with the code so that the forum and wiki can continue to serve up dynamic content for the main page. Word.