The importance of simple examples on mock websites

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Today I want to touch on a topic that I don't think is stressed enough in Xaser's brain: And it applies, in reality, to every brain, not just Xaser's, and certainly not just DZoom and its relatives regarding mock websites: Fake Posts.

Truth be told, there's really very little reason to spend as much effort as I do in cheekily referencing the main ZDoom page for the purposes of this test stuff, but it's way more fun than just Lorem Ipsum-ing everywhere -- even if there are some tastier alternatives out there that achieve the same humour-esque result in a fraction of the time. If nothing else, it illustrates that the developer of this page is a glutton for particular types of punishment. Like CSS. Seriously.

Although simulating a long post is probably a good idea for layout purposes, my present patience is waning, so I'll instead proceed to pasting in a slightly-more important bit of formatting so I can be sure to properly style it.

Here is an example of an EXTREMELY-FORMATTED quotation:
1. Load up Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" in your favorite media player of choice.
2. Play the movie. Optionally, watch through some of the movie until Denny appears.
3. Pause the movie.
4. Exit the room.
5. Your current mood and/or disposition toward life may change, and your will to finish the movie may vanish. Try again next time with friends, or at a quote-along.

Relatedly, here's a quote of myself since it turns out the two use different CSS classes behind-the-scenes:
Xaser wrote:I AM A XASER!

In addition to this sort of thing, it's probably a good idea to do the same for code snippets as well:

# This file was generated by XASER's BRAIN x1.666pre-arghleplatz001 on Wtf Feb 30 13:99:294 -12490891
# Also some Fake Code below:

forst nit TUYH = 1234;

fronktion void FunkMachine(nit blargh) {
    this.destroyBrain(blarg + TUYH);;
    return the.funk();


What it really comes down to is - I've got all the info I need to successfully emulate the most complex blog post thus far. There will likely need to be more tweaks to this page in the future, but nothing too terribly auspicious, we hope.

That's a "royal" we, of course, because Xaser has an Emperor-complex.